You may experience an issue with either some or all of your "unlocked" items (clothing customization options and air drops beyond the 'starter' items).

There are several possible causes and solutions, so if this is affecting you please read on.

  1. The Steam Inventory system (which is where these items are stored) can sometimes fail to return some or all results. Restarting Steam is a common workaround for this issue.
  2. If you consistently don't see some or all of your inventory even after restarting Steam, try trading an item with someone to re-sync your inventory. Alternatively, you can list an item for sale and then cancel the sale.
  3. We recently fixed an issue where players with > 1000 items (across both clothes and airdrops) that could prevent your items from loading. You can contact Support ("Click here for help" at the bottom-right corner of the page, then "Contact Support") to clean up your duplicate airdrop items if desired.
  4. If none of the above applies, one or more of the solutions in this video may address the problem for you (but note these steps may incur a fresh market hold of up to 15 days, so only do these if you're not intending to buy any Steam items for up to 15 days):