We have tools in place to detect and ban cheaters, and are also manually banning any that slip through the cracks as we identify them.

It is quickest and easiest to report malicious behavior via the in-game report feature.

If you are sending in a report, the two pieces of information that will be of the most help:
1. A screenshot of your death. There are a variety of ways to grab this screenshot; the Steam keybind (by default F12) is one of the easier ways.
2. Right after a match in which you observe a suspected cheater, exit the game and grab Victory.log from your client logs (see below). Send us these two files and our odds of being able to confirm cheating and punish appropriately will go way up.

To find the game log:
1. Open Explorer
2. Change the location to %localappdata%\Victory\Saved\Logs
3. Look for Victory.log

You can use the "Click here for help" button at the bottom right of this page to submit these files (click it, then click "Contact Support").

Note that for security and privacy reasons, we generally will not discuss the outcome of specific reports or investigations, except with players who have actions taken against their accounts.