The Culling defaults to Extreme Render Quality. This can prevent some players from starting the game.

We will deploy a change in the future to lower the default quality. In the meantime, if you are experiencing a black screen on startup that prevents the game from loading for several minutes or more, you can edit an ini file to adjust the quality and load the game.

You need to edit "%LocalAppData%\Victory\Saved\Config\WindowsClient\GameUserSettings.ini

Look for the sg.ResolutionQuality setting under [ScalabilityGroups], and change the value to sg.ResolutionQuality=67

If you want to switch from FullScreen to Windowed you can also change FullscreenMode under [/Script/Victory.ShooterGameUserSettings] to FullscreenMode=2.

If you change these settings and are still unable to play, please use the "I want to contact support" or "Click here for help" links below to request additional assistance.